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    CHF 399

    FINTECH and beyond

    At your own pace, from anywhere, at anytime of the day, become familiar with Fintech and earn 10 SAQ credits for your CWMA recertification. Understand how it works and become familiar with its’ main applications for the financial sector.

    Discover a series of AI applications widely used in the financial sector: RPA in trade processing, Internet of Things (IoT), Robo Advice, Credit Risk, Fraud and Compliance, Wealth and Asset Management, Chatbots, Transaction Cost Analysis (CTA)

    Become familiar with cryptography, blockchain and crypto assets.

    Understand the ethical challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence.

    Become aware of the risks associated with cybercrime and the key principles to ensure data security.

    Finally, if you wish to understand the technology and mathematical methods underlying the Fintech, then dig into the basics of IT for non IT professionals and the functioning of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

    All together this program 100% online in English includes 29 courses and 18 training hours. It is recognised by SAQ as a recertification for CWMA.

    If you want to train more than 5 people, or to customise this program for your teams, please reach out, we will be happy to make a tailor made proposal.

    Your Advantages


    Register in a few clicks and access all your training activities in one single place.


    Learn at your own pace and convenience, 24/7 from anywhere.


    Plan your activities to comply with regulatory deadlines.


    Meet our experts and receive personal advice and feedback.


    Optimize your training time and investments: satisfy various training requirements with one single program.

    Download and print your certificates online at any time

    High Quality

    Benefit from the best learning solutions on the market whatever the size of your company.

    Tailor made

    Co-create with us a unique program perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of your teams.

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