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    Anti money laundering and prevention of terrorism financing

    Learning solutions

    Anti money laundering and prevention of terrorism financing
    Original price was: CHF 333.Current price is: CHF 319.

    This training consists of a unique e-learning course focusing on the Swiss standards and regulations for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

    It is perfect also for any professional in the finance and banking industry willing to understand money laundering and terrorism financing mechanisms and the swiss regulations to prevent those.

    The course can be taken in one go, or in several sessions, is accessible 24/7 and concludes with an online knowledge test.

    Recognized by SAQ as a measure of recertfiication for CWMA: 1.5 credit.


      This online course created by eskills allows to understand the ins and outs of the regulations regarding the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and related tax offences.

      Based on the best practices of “Know Your Client” or KYC, and focused on the daily practice of wealth management professionals, this training allows the adoption of the right reflexes to identify potentially risky situations and helps to ask the right questions if elements need to be clarified.

      The training concludes with an online knowledge test.

    • 1 "SMART" CERTIFICATEOnce the training path is completed

      COFAKTORY delivers 100% secure digital certificates: those can be downloaded and shared as needed. Their validity can be verified.

      COFAKTORY works with CV Trust to offer “SMART CERTIFICATES”.

    • 24/7 access for 30 daysTo the Cofaktory portal

      Access your training program to review it entirely or consult a specific part as you wish during 30 days, at any time of the day.

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