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    FINSA – Basic Certifying Programme for Client Advisors 2022 Version


    Learning solutions

    FINSA - Basic Certifying Programme for Client Advisors 2022 Version
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    Contents of the basic certification program for client advisors

    on FINSA Rules of Conduct.
    Recognised by SAQ as an official recertification measure for CWMA: 4 SAQ credits.
    Recognized by client advisors’ registers: ARIF, Regservices (BX Swiss), and RegFix as basic – initial certification training for client advisors: 4 hours.

    For other questions about the registration process please consult the client advisors’ registers’ FAQ:
    Regservices (BX Swiss)

    This programme has been designed to allow client advisors to learn the key principles of FINSA rules of conduct for the first time. It is also perfect for client advisors who want to refresh / deepen their understanding after a first introduction.

    Through a very pragmatic approach focusing on the day to day of the client advisors, this program provides practical tools that can be downloaded from the e-learning to facilitate the implementation of FINSA Rules of conduct.

    The whole program can be followed remotely and at any convenient time.

    IF you plan to purchase this training for 5 people or more, please contact us to obtain a discount: service @ cofaktory.com

    The Gold and Platinum options include :
    – the access to an online library developed by Intuition covering professional knowledge and skills in terms of investment services.
    – the opportunity to become familiar with cybersecurity, AI ethics, cryptocurrencies, fintech, and behavioural finance and to earn 5 SAQ credits: this learning path is recognised by SAQ as a measure of recertification for CWMA.

    The Platinum option also includes
    – 18 short courses – 12 hours of learning all together on Sustainability Fundamentals.

    If you registered in the past with a Swiss Register for client advisors, and you are looking for a two-hour continuing education programme to renew your registration, please click here to see our 100% online continuing education for client advisors

    • A 2H e-learning course on FINSAFocused on the daily practice of client advisors with a final knowledge check.

      Les Principes de la LSFn FINSA rules of conduct

      This e-learning covers:

      – FINSA fundamentals & client classification – FINSA Rules of Conduct – suitability and appropriateness of financial services – Other FINSA provisions (with regards to Rules of Conduct) – Downloadable Practical tools to facilitate FINSA implementation, for example client classification. – Online test

    • A 1.15H e-learning course on Other laws and case lawOn other laws applicable for client advisors and recent case law

      This interactive course allows client advisors to understand the risks associated with other swiss laws applicable to their activity beyond the Finsa rules of conduct.

      It also presents the analysis of recent case law enacted by the Swiss courts and related to financial services.

      This course is concluded by an online test.

    • A 45' e-learning on cross-border regulations and governance

      This 45′ course covers the fundamental risks, principles and concepts applicable to cross-border financial services, regardless of the countries in which you operate.

      The objective of the course is to provide learners a sufficient autonomy with regards to the management of their cross-border risks whilst operating efficient and compliant business development activities.

      The course is concluded by an online test.

    • 3 practical tools to download

      To facilitate your implementation of FINSA Rules of Conduct, you can download from the learning course the 3 following tools:

      • 1 guide for clients’ classification according to FINSA and CISA
      • 1 interview guide to assess your client’s ability to tolerate losses
      • 1 practical guide for the Rules of Conduct implementation.

    • 1 "SMART" certificateOnce the training path is completed

      COFAKTORY delivers 100% secure digital certificates: those can be downloaded and shared as needed. Their validity can be verified.

      The access to smart certificates is not limited in time.

      COFAKTORY works with CV Trust to offer “SMART CERTIFICATES”.

    • 24/7 access for 30 days

      To the Cofaktory portal where you can at any time:

      Access all contents of the program to review it entirely or consult a specific part.

      – Download the 3 practical tools introduced during the training – Receive information on new trainings available. – Access your dashboard

    • Intuition Online library on Investment services"A la carte" adjustable to your activities, needs and interests

      6 months access to more than 90 courses grouped by general topics, this 100% online program allows you to refresh and strengthen your knowledge with regards to the fundamentals of investment services.

      A la carte library: you pick the topics and courses that are relevant to you, based on your interests and activities, as well as your existing background. Each course is concluded by a short test that will allow you to check your understanding of the contents.

      On Demand, a certificate will be delivered for every topic that you have followed and where you successfully passed the test.

    • Cybersecurity, AI ethics, cryptocurrencies, Fintech and behavioural finance8 courses to know more about those trending themes and earn 5 SAQ credits

      crypto bitcoin fintech With the Platinum and Gold solutions, you will access 8 courses on cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, fintech and behavioural finance.

      Cybersecurity: understand the risks associated with cybercrime and how to protect your activity.

      AI ethics data protection and security: understand the ethical challenges related to data privacy and security, as well potential impacts for individuals, institutions and society.

      Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, what is it and how does that work ?

      What are the main technologies used in the Fintech industry? blockchain, robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IOT), etc. and what is their impact on finance ?

      Behavioural finance: how do people make decisions and how does this impact wealth management services ?

      How can you take this into account to support your clients in making the right decisions ?

      This learning path offers 5 SAQ credits recognised as recertification measures for the CWMA.

    • Sustainability fundamentals3 hours learning on sustainable finance and investing

      The Platinum option includes 18 short courses totalizing 12 hours of training to become familiar with ESG goals, understand climate risk, and discover the fundamentals of sustainable investments and sustainable finance.

      These courses cover the impacts of sustainability on the financial sector, the selection of sustainable asset classes, the applicable regulations and the reporting standards.

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    2 hour online course

    A 1.15H online course on other laws and case law

    A 45' online course on cross-border regulations and governance

    3 practical tools

    30 days access to the Cofaktory platform

    Personal dashboard: reminder of training courses to follow and deadlines

    Self-service smart certificates

    5 additional months access to the Cofaktory platform

    A library of online courses “à la carte” : 50 courses covering fundamental knowledge of investment services

    Introduction to Cybersecurity, AI ethics, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech and behavioral finance

    A library of online courses “à la carte” : 40 advanced courses on investment services

    Sustainability fundamentals

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