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    Learning solutions

    FINSA continuing education for bankers & financial intermediaries

    Learning solutions

    FINSA continuing education for bankers & financial intermediaries
    Original price was: CHF 344.Current price is: CHF 244.

    Contents of the course

    Continuing education on FINSA.
    Recognised by SAQ as an official recertification measure for CWMA: 2 SAQ credits

    This program has been designed to allow bankers and financial intermediaries to learn the key principles of FINSA rules of conduct.

    Through a very pragmatic approach focusing on the day to day of bankers and financial intermediaries, this program provides practical tools that can be downloaded from the e-learning to facilitate the implementation of FINSA Rules of conduct.

    The whole program can be followed remotely and at any convenient time.

    IF you plan to purchase this training for 5 people or more, please contact us to obtain a discount: service @ cofaktory.com.

    • A 2H e-learning course on FINSAFocused on the daily practice of bankers and financial intermediaries with a final knowledge test

      Les Principes de la LSFn FINSA rules of conduct

      This e-learning covers:

      – FINSA fundamentals & client classification – FINSA Rules of Conduct – suitability and appropriateness of financial services – Other FINSA provisions (with regards to Rules of Conduct) – Downloadable Practical tools to facilitate FINSA implementation, for example client classification. – Online test

    • 3 practical tools to download

      To facilitate your implementation of FINSA Rules of Conduct, you can download from the learning course the 3 following tools:

      • 1 guide for clients’ classification according to FINSA and CISA
      • 1 interview guide to assess your client’s ability to tolerate losses
      • 1 practical guide for the Rules of Conduct implementation.

    • 1 "SMART" certificateOnce the training path is completed

      COFAKTORY delivers 100% secure digital certificates: those can be downloaded and shared as needed. Their validity can be verified.

      The access to smart certificates is not limited in time.

    • 24/7 access for 30 days

      To the Cofaktory portal where you can at any time:

      Access all contents of the program to review it entirely or consult a specific part.

      – Download the 3 practical tools introduced during the training – Receive information on new trainings available. – Access your dashboard

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