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    Cross-border regulations and governance


    Learning solutions

    Cross-border regulations and governance
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    Would you like to manage your cross-border risk whilst preserving a compliant and commercially efficient activity?

    This training program includes a 45’ e-learning course as well as a private training session with a lawyer expert in banking and finance law.
    It will help you understand the legal requirements – especially those of the FINMA, and to manage efficiently the regulatory risks related to your cross-border activities.

    Based on a very pragmatic approach, our program is compliant with the training requirements of your supervisory bodies and authorities.

    Moreover, it is recognised by SAQ as a recertification measure for CWMA : the number of credits depends on the selected options.

    The premium option includes just the 45’ e-learning course.

    The Gold and Platinum options include an additional private training session aiming at discussing and applying the concepts learned to situations from your daily business and to your internal governance.

    Other individuals from the same organisation are welcome to participate in the private training sessions. Those registered to the Gold and Platinum options will obtain the corresponding certificates.

    SAQ credits available :
    Premium : 0,75 SAQ credits.
    Gold + Platinum : 2.25 SAQ credits.

    • A 45' online course on cross-border regulations and governance

      This course provides a clear understanding of the risks, the key concepts and the regulatory principles related to cross-border financial activity, whatever the countries involved.
      The goal is to acquire a sufficient autonomy in the cross-border risk management so that a commercially efficient and compliant activity can be developed.
      The e-learning course is concluded by a knowledge check and provides 0,75 SAQ credits.

    • 1st private training session 1.5 hourTo facilitate the application of the concepts

      This remote training session will allow you to discuss the concepts learned during the online course as they apply to your specific business environment. Examples emerging from your daily activity will be discussed focusing on examples of situations you face and services you provide to your clients.

      The private training session provides an additional 1.5 SAQ credits for the CWMA recertification.

    • Second private training session - immediately following the first one

      This second training session provides a tailor-made support for the application of the concepts learned to ensure your internal governance is compliant with the legal requirements.

      This second session is strongly recommended for any company that needs to update its internal governance with regards to cross-border financial activities.

    • Unique company advantage

      If within one same company more than 5 people register simultaneously to this program with Gold or Platinum options, and they all participate in one same training session, Cofaktory will offer the company a voucher to be used at the purchase of further programs.

    • 1 "SMART" certificateOnce the training path is completed

      COFAKTORY delivers 100% secure digital certificates: those can be downloaded and shared as needed. Their validity can be verified.

      The access to smart certificates is not limited in time.

      COFAKTORY works with CV Trust to offer “SMART CERTIFICATES”.

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    A 45' e-learning on cross-border regulations and governance

    Self-service smart certificates

    First private training session 1,5 hour - applying the concepts to practical situations

    Second private training session 1 hour - applying the concepts to your internal governance

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    Register in a few clicks and access all your training activities in one single place.


    Learn at your own pace and convenience, 24/7 from anywhere.


    Plan your activities to comply with regulatory deadlines.


    Meet our experts and receive personal advice and feedback.


    Optimize your training time and investments: satisfy various training requirements with one single program.

    Download and print your certificates online at any time

    High Quality

    Benefit from the best learning solutions on the market whatever the size of your company.

    Tailor made

    Co-create with us a unique program perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of your teams.

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