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    Regulatory Essentials for Boards Members and Directors

    Learning solutions

    Regulatory Essentials for Boards Members and Directors
    CHF 399

    Regulatory Essentials for Board Members and Directors

    This online program is made for Directors and Board Members in any industry.

    Available at anytime of the day and from anywhere, this program covers the essential regulations that a person occupying such a function in Switzerland needs to master in order to identify potential issues, ask the right questions and where applicable, take appropriate measures.

    If you are a Director or a Board Member, the topics covered in this program are essential to ensure you have a good control of your responsibilities and feel at ease in your role, without worrying that you are missing something big happening before your eyes.

    This program contains 2 series of courses

    The first series of 12 courses and 8,45 hours, includes courses on compliance, cybersecurity, data and ethics, as well as ESG that are relevant for any industry.

    The second series of 6 courses and 4 hours covers complementary topics that are specific to Directors and Board Members active in the banking and financial sector.

    All together this program includes more than 18 courses that can be taken during 12 months “à la carte” according to your interests, choices, existing knowledge and of course the type or role you play.

    For example, this program includes Swiss anti money-laundering, Swiss data protection (2023) as well as GDPR, conflicts of interest, international sanctions and so many others.

    This program, just like all our solutions, can be enriched, customised, reduced to fit the specific needs of a team or a business. Get in touch and we will be happy to answer any question.

    • 24/7 access for 1 year

      On the COFAKTORY portal you can find and review all your courses as much as needed at any time and from anywhere.


    • 1 "SMART" certificate

      COFAKTORY delivers 100% secure SMART certificates that can be downloaded, shared, and where needed, their validity can be ckecked.

      The access to SMART certificates is not limited in time.

    Your Advantages


    Register in a few clicks and access all your training activities in one single place.


    Learn at your own pace and convenience, 24/7 from anywhere.


    Plan your activities to comply with regulatory deadlines.


    Meet our experts and receive personal advice and feedback.


    Optimize your training time and investments: satisfy various training requirements with one single program.

    Download and print your certificates online at any time

    High Quality

    Benefit from the best learning solutions on the market whatever the size of your company.

    Tailor made

    Co-create with us a unique program perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of your teams.

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