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    ESG for Financial Services’ providers

    Learning solutions

    ESG for Financial Services' providers
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    ESG Fundamentals for banking and financial services’ providers

    At your own pace, from anywhere, at anytime of the day, become familiar with the fundamentals of ESG and its various links and impacts on financial services in general, and on investment services.

    This program is recognised by SAQ as a recertification measure for CWMA: 13 SAQ credits are available.

    Understand the key principles, concepts, regulations, requirements related to ESG and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

    This program is composed of 3 series of courses “à la carte”, each program providing a distinct certificate:

    The first series, ESG Fundamentals: covers what anyone should know about ESG. 5 courses – 4 hours




    The second one, ESG fundamentals for financial services: covers what anyone in the financial services industry need to know. 12 courses – 9 hours





    The third series, Advanced ESG for portfolio managers and investors: covers the specifics necessary to manage portfolios and make investment decisions. 3 courses – 2 hours.

    All together the program includes 20 courses and 15 training hours on key topics which include ESG factors, ESG investing, ESG strategies and practical scenarios, Sustainable Finance regulations principles and frameworks, Sustainable Development Goals SDG, sustainable investment solutions – green bonds, social bonds, etc.

    Only the first two series are required to obtain 13 SAQ credits for your CWMA recertification.

    If you want to train more than 5 people, or to customise this program for your teams, please reach out, we will be happy to make a tailor made proposal.

    Your Advantages


    Register in a few clicks and access all your training activities in one single place.


    Learn at your own pace and convenience, 24/7 from anywhere.


    Plan your activities to comply with regulatory deadlines.


    Meet our experts and receive personal advice and feedback.


    Optimize your training time and investments: satisfy various training requirements with one single program.

    Download and print your certificates online at any time

    High Quality

    Benefit from the best learning solutions on the market whatever the size of your company.

    Tailor made

    Co-create with us a unique program perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of your teams.

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