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    Advisory services

    Finding the right coach

    Finding the right coach that will be of great value to support you with your current challenges and needs, is exactly like chosing the right medical doctor for your specific condition: it is important the coach you work with is an expert in the specific area you want to work on.

    We know perfectly the market of coaching and coaches and we are happy to listen to your needs and make a personalized recommendation to you.

    Click here to see how it works or talk to us.

    People and Culture

    Engaging your employees, ensuring they contribute their very best to high performing teams requires a series of interconnected good practices. What is your employee value proposition (EVP)? Does your employee experience reflect your business values and mission? Do your teams feel connected to the broader purpose of your business?

    Does this sound like HR jargon for multinationals? if you lead a small or medium company, we help you think through these questions and find simple pragmatic answers, so you can offer a unique experience to your people and remain competitive on a tight talent market.

    Selecting the right talent

    The smaller your business, the higher the price of a poor casting… Making high quality decisions when you hire or promote people is a critical success factor for your company’s success. Whilst most business owners and team leaders have already done it quite a lot, going from good to great at people decisions requires a specific expertise.

    If you want to obtain a neutral opinion on shortlisted candidates, to implement the right selection process for your business, chose an assessment approach, or simply to learn more about best practices, talk to us!

    HR strategy

    Defining priorities for the HR function is necessary to ensure your business has the right skillsets today and tomorrow to sustain performance.

    What sort of skills do you need today? and how will this evolve in the future? How do you measure your teams’ performance? Do you have a ready pipeline to take over critical roles? How best to attract, nurture, recognize and retain talent in your specific activity? Click here to see how it works or talk to us.

    Tailor-made training programs & team projects

    What can you do to help your teams strengthen their performance? How can you make sure your people learn and apply new skills in their day to day? How long does it take your new hires to become operational?

    Have you identified skill gaps you need to fill asap? We are here to help you identify the what and the how to develop your people and teams simply, effectively, straight to the point. Talk to us about your needs.

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