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    Advisory services

    Find the right coach


    Advisory services

    Find the right coach
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    If you have a high level of responsibility, and a fortiori if you run a company, coaching is the most effective way to develop your skills in a targeted and efficient way. This is true as long as you are accompanied by the right coach who has expertise on the subject.

    This is where the bottom hurts: the best coach to allow you to progress is not necessarily the one that seems most sympathetic to you. Moreover, just as in medicine or engineering, each coach has their own method, qualifications and expertise that allow them to be very specific and unique on some subjects, while on others they will be mediocre at best.

    Whether you want to improve performance on a particular topic, to take on an ambitious challenge, to accompany your team through a delicate transformation, or more globally to enable you to progress, The first step is to talk with an expert to define what is expected.

    Whether it is for yourself, your team, or another person in your company, the remote interview offered here allows you to perform this first step without further commitment.

    Thanks to our expertise of more than 20 years on the subject, on the basis of the shared information we will be able to formulate a recommendation, to specify the approach that would make sense to meet your need, and we will select for you a competent coach.

    We want to allow you to work with the most competent coach on the topic that is yours at that time of your trajectory. Also, thanks to our large network of professionals and our perfect knowledge of the coaching market, we will carefully select a coach for you. Then, with your agreement if this makes sense, we will also brief the coach on your specific need to ensure the success of the coaching.

    Should you decide to move forward with the coaching process recommended for you, this first interview will be offered to you.

    • 1 hour initial interviewTo obtain a precise personalised recommendation

      This remote interview (Teams) with Dr Ofra Hazanov will allow you to share your challenges and expectations, and to come out with clarity on the process that would be relevant to you.
      A certified coach with more than 20 years experience in assessing and coaching business leaders and teams in various industries, Ofra Hazanov will propose you a targeted process to allow you to progress in the direction you want.

    Your Advantages


    Register in a few clicks and access all your training activities in one single place.


    Learn at your own pace and convenience, 24/7 from anywhere.


    Plan your activities to comply with regulatory deadlines.


    Meet our experts and receive personal advice and feedback.


    Optimize your training time and investments: satisfy various training requirements with one single program.

    Download and print your certificates online at any time

    High Quality

    Benefit from the best learning solutions on the market whatever the size of your company.

    Tailor made

    Co-create with us a unique program perfectly adjusted to the specific needs of your teams.

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