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    Sometime ago, heads of sustainability struggled to get hired, and once there to have a seat around the table. It was good to have somebody in charge so one could not say the company doesn’t care, and even better to publish a yearly sustainability report, talking mainly about CO2 emissions and solar panels on the roof.

    Sustainability reports were mostly used as a marketing tool among others to attract clients. For a lot of people, it was just one more report to produce…even if generally sustainability made sense from the beginning. In the finance industry, investment solutions were considered quite sustainable if they did not include oil or weapon.

    This is history. In multiple countries, businesses in various industries are under scrutiny and have to respond for their negative impacts on the environment, on people, on society, all along the way of the value chain.

    For the finance industry, it has a double impact: as a business employing people and using facilities and resources itself, financial businesses have to assess their direct impact. And beyond that, whilst promoting investment solutions and supporting businesses in their growth, financial intermediaries will have to check more and more precisely that those investments stamped as “sustainable” are truly sustainable 360 degrees.

    At different levels of the organisation a good understanding of what is sustainability, of its impacts on the finance industry and of the various sustainable investment solutions becomes a key differentiator when it comes to talk to clients, to prepare regulatory reports, to launch marketing campaigns, to make purchasing decisions, and even more… to convince talent to join your business.

    Our Sustainability Fundamentals’ program contains 18 courses developed by our partner, Intuition Know How, global leader in learning solutions for the finance industry, totalising 12 training hours. Click here to know more and feel free to share this news.




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