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    Learning solutions

    Cybersecurity, AI Ethics, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech and Behavioural Finance

    Learning solutions

    Cybersecurity, AI Ethics, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech and Behavioural Finance
    CHF 422

    Key topics in finance and investment services

    At your own pace, from anywhere, at any time of the day, become familiar with the fundamentals on key topics for the present and future of finance and investment services.

    We built this program entirely with courses created by our global partner Intuition Know How, leader in online learning for the finance industry.

    This program is perfect if you want to understand cybercrime and the basics of cybersecurity, AI ethics and data security challenges, the functioning of crypto currencies bitcoin and blockchain, as well as big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies important in the Fintech today.

    Recognised by SAQ as a recertification measure for CWMA : 5 SAQ credits.

    Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: what are the main risks, what can you do to prevent them ?

    Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin Ethereum etc. blockchain technology and how those work

    AI ethics data privacy and security: understand the challenges related to data privacy and security, and their impacts on individuals, institutions and society.

    Big data and Artificial Intelligence: understand those technologies underlying the Fintech industry and their potential for the industry and for your activity.

    Behavioural finance: how do people make decisions and how does this impact wealth management services ? How can you take this into account to make the right decisions ?

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