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    Our programs for client advisors, bankers, portfolio managers, and family offices

    Do you want to access an effective high quality training solution, available 24/7 wherever you are to comply with your training obligations and learn something useful for your professional activity ?

    Our courses allow you to acquire the regulatory knowledge required for your activity, as well as the professional skills that will make the difference with your clients and prospects, and those key for the development of your business.

    Together with the best partners on the market, we selected courses and built dedicated programs for each financial professional. Those programs are compliant with the regulatory training requirements, they are adapted to your level of knowledge and focus on the financial services you offer. Many of them are recognised by SAQ as CWMA recertification measures.

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    All our courses and programs available “self-service” on our website, can be leveraged to create a dedicated program for your company, to be assigned within a specific timeline according to your needs and priorities to your entire organisation or to the specific team of your choice.

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    Our Tailor Made solutions

    To answer the specific needs and expectations of your business, we are happy to adjust existing solutions and/or to create from scratch tailor made programs, in order to cover knowledge on the regulatory framework and on investment products and services, to develop soft skills, or any combination of the above.

    Client example 1: We are building a specific on-boarding program for new joiners of a family owned- bank, including the basics of money laundering prevention and a few other regulations included in our program for bankers, portfolio managers and family offices. As this family office serves a client very interested in sustain sustainable investing, we integrated part of our program called “Sustainability fundamentals” to introduce sustainable investing and sustainable bonds.

    Client example 2: An asset management firm wanted to train its team in Switzerland and in the US on the FINSA rules of conduct, anti money laundering and cross-border regulations. We built a specific program where learners took the online courses and then joined a virtual private training session with one of our experts to discuss specific challenges faced by the company.

    Contact us today to discuss your priorities and see what we can do for you.

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