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    Our FinSA continuing education for client advisors is approved by all the Swiss registers for client advisors (list of approved training programs).  All our programmes are available 100% online and provide the required certificates.

    Keep the best of your time for your clients!

    We want you to dedicate the best of your time to your clients: this is why, as for all our programs, the registration to this program only takes a few clicks, and you have the freedom to chose where and when you want to learn.

    Pragmatism !

    Our clients’ feedbacks confirm it: our programs distinguish themselves through their pragmatic approach. Based on our deep understanding of your role and activity, instead of just paraphrasing legal texts, our programs cover typical situations from your daily business. We help you identify precisely what needs to be done in each situation to comply with the legal requirements, to acquire the right reflexes and manage properly the risks associated with your activity. Beyond training, our FINSA programs also give you an access to practical tools to support your client classification, structure your client meetings and facilitate your implementation of the FINSA rules of conduct.

    Continuing education for client advisors registered with a Swiss register since 2020 or 2021

    Our program is the only continuing education for client advisors that is 100% online and flexible for client advisors who completed a basic/initial certification in 2020 or 2021 and who are required to complete a 2-hour training on FINSA in 2022 or 2023. Our program provides a perfect supplementary knowledge: it gives a solid understanding of the other Swiss laws that apply to client advisors and of the fundamental concepts in terms of cross-border business. Click here to find out more about the 2-hour continuing education for client advisors.

    Initial certifying program for client advisors

    Our initial basic certifying program version 2021 is available in both English and French. It has been developed to cover the needs of client advisors who register with a Swiss register for client advisors and who need to submit a training certificate for a 4 hours initial training on FINSA. Click here to access our basic certification program for client advisors.

    What our clients appreciate

    The easy access, the efficiency and the quality of our programs, as well as the reactivity of our client service team are the key feedbacks received from our clients.

    If numerous people from your company need to be trained, please contact us with the below contact form: we will be happy to discuss your expectations and to make you a tailor-made offer. All the programs available on our website can be combined and adjusted as much as needed to fit the specific needs of your teams.

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