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    Learning solutions


    Our learning solutions go beyond training: they are available 24/7 and focus on the application of knowledge and laws in your professional day to day. They allow you to work in full compliance with the regulations applicable to your activity, to meet mandatory training requirements and to gain essential professional knowledge and skills that will make a difference for your clients.

    SAQ CWMA recertification

    As a « Certified Wealth Management Advisor » if you want to renew your certification without taking a new exam, you are at the right place. We offer you several training programs recognized by SAQ as CWMA recertification measures, all available at anytime, from anywhere, one click from here. With our programs you have the opportunity to refresh and broaden your knowledge to stay at the forefront of the banking and finance industry and to be comfortable as you discuss trending themes with your clients like sustainable finance, cryptocurrencies, and much more. Click here to see all our programs recognized by SAQ and the available credits.


    Training programs for client advisors

    Whether you are in Switzerland or abroad, if you want to register for the first time or to renew your subscription with a Swiss register for client advisors (ARIF, BX, RegFix), we have all the training solutions you will need, at only one click from here. You can take all our courses at your pace and convenience, from anywhere, and receive your certificate online.

         Initial – basic training

    Our 4-hour initial training is required to complete your subscription with a Swiss register. Our program will allow you to understand the Swiss financial   services act (FinSA) and all its implications for your specific activity and to implement it smoothly in your business.

         Continuing education

    To renew your subscription with a Swiss register, you will have to take a 2-hour course every second year. Our program allows you to satisfy this requirement and to refresh your knowledge on FinSA and other regulations applicable to your activity.


    Continuing education for bankers and portfolio managers (except for qualified officers)

    Whether you work with a bank or an asset management company, whether you want to refresh or broaden your knowledge, or if you just want to become familiar with trending themes in the banking and finance industry, select the topics and courses that best correspond to your current needs and interests, or contact us to receive advice.

     Swiss regulations

              Introduction to the Swiss Financial Services Act (FinSA)

              Anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism financing

              Cross-border regulations and governance

    Swiss law on data protection (2023)

         Swiss and international regulations

              Prevention of money laundering training for financial advisors  

              Training program for bankers portfolio managers and family offices

              Regulatory essentials for board members and directors

         Technical and professional knowledge

              ESG fundamentals for financial services’ providers 

              Fintech and beyond

         All the above topics

    If all the above topics are relevant to you, the best combination is our training program for bankers and portfolio managers, with the Platinum option.


    Targeted programs for each profession

    Please select below your professional activity to access directly the learning solutions recommended specifically for your needs and contact us for any question.

    For more information

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