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    Data Protection Statement

    1. Responsible for data processingCofaktory Sàrl is a company incorporated in Switzerland. We offer professional training management service to financial intermediaries in Switzerland and abroad through this website. We process the personal data of our clients and our business relationships in accordance with the present declaration and any applicable regulations, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act.
    2. The data controller can be contacted at the following address:
      Cofaktory Sàrl
      Responsible for data processing
      23C chemin des Buclines
      1223 Cologny (Switzerland)
      E-mail: personaldata@cofaktory.com
    3. Data Source
      We process the personal data provided by our customers and by our business relations in the context of contracts for the provision of services agreed by this website or by any other means of communication (email, letters, contracts concluded in written form, etc.). We also process, with your consent, personal data that may have been transmitted to us by an organization to which you are affiliated.
    4. Collected data
      We collect the following data about you: surname, first name, address, other contact details, date of birth, data relating to your professional career and the diplomas you have obtained, any data useful for defining training needs, the company name of the company employing you, current professional activity, type of authorizations or affiliations relating to the professional activity and any other useful data.
    5. Motivation for data processing (Purpose of processing)
      We process your personal data in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act :
      a. For the performance of our contractual obligations
      We process personal data within the framework of the service contract concluded with our customers and business relations as well as within the framework of pre-contractual measures for the purpose of setting up a service offer in order to conclude a service contract.
      The purpose of the data processing is :
      to set up a training path adapted to the user, to offer services to employers for the training of groups of users, to set up a channel of information on the paths carried out by the users in favour of professional bodies, to follow the training paths of each user and to ensure the tracing and certification of the training followed, to propose new training options to each user or to all the users of the website (marketing) through personal communication or general advertising, to evaluate and improve the efficient conduct of the services provided through the website or by other means, to ensure the legal and contractual compliance of the activity of Cofaktory Sàrl and its collaborators and representatives.
      b. On the basis of your consent to the processing of personal data
      All data collected and processed are provided by users of the site or by business relations with specific consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with this Data Protection Statement. Any consent granted may be revoked at any time with immediate effect by communication to the following e-mail address: personaldata@cofaktory.com. The processing of personal data carried out prior to withdrawal of consent remains legal.
    6. Your Rights
      You have the following rights under the Federal Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection Directive:
      a. Right of access
      b. Right to rectification and deletion
      c. Right to Limitation of Treatment
      d. Right of opposition
      e. Right to restrict access to a third party or the right to request that access be given to a third party
      f. Right to portability.
      Any request to exercise one or more of the rights guaranteed to you must include any revocation of your consent may be revoked at any time by communication to the following e-mail address: personaldata@cofaktory.com.
      Cofaktory Sàrl reserves the right to verify your identity by any appropriate means to ensure that your personal data is protected.
    7. Access to your data
      The employees, representatives and agents of Cofaktory Sàrl have access to your personal data within the framework of the accomplishment of their respective tasks. Each of them is committed to a strict respect of the applicable legislation and of the obligations of confidentiality relating to your personal data resulting from their contractual relationship with Cofaktory Sàrl.
    8. Transfer of your data to a third country or to a third company
      The website you are accessing has been created and is maintained on a platform provided by an IT service provider outside Switzerland located in the European Union. This provider is subject to the personal data protection rules of the European Union (European Data Protection Directive (RGDP). This supplier has also committed itself towards Cofaktory Sàrl to strictly respect and apply all its obligations arising from the above-mentioned European Union legislation. Your personal data is also transferred, with your prior consent only, to any professional body to which you are affiliated. By giving your consent to the collection and processing of data, you also give your consent to the transfer of your data in the manner described.
    9. Duration of retention of your data
      Your data is kept for as long as necessary to provide the services agreed with you. Consequently, your personal data is kept until you have terminated any contractual relationship with Cofaktory Sàrl in the context of the use of the services made available on this website. From the date of the end of the contract for the provision of the services on the present website, your personal data are kept for 10 years. We apply a strict internal policy of conservation and conservation and computer protection of your personal data.
    10. Consequences in case of refusal to provide your data
      As part of the provision of our training services through this website, we create your personal user profile on the basis of the data you have provided us with. Our services include the follow-up of the trainings that you carry out on the site and within the framework of face-to-face trainings included in your personal training path. In order for us to provide these services, you must provide us with your personal data as requested at the time of registration and subsequently and we must retain this data in the manner described in this Data Protection Statement.
    11. How do you contact us?
      Cofaktory Sàrl
      Responsible for data processing
      23c chemin des Buclines
      1223 Cologny (Switzerland)
      E-mail: personaldata@cofaktory.com


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