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    Is bitcoin going to be worth anything in 10 years from now ?
    Whilst some famous investors believe in cryptocurrencies, other experts predict those will disappear. What do you think? How does it work at all ? What are those technologies used by the Fintech ? Are you tired to pretend you understand them without really knowing how these work ?

    We worked with Intuition Know How our global partner for high quality online learning solutions to build this program: if you are a a banker, a portfolio manager, a family office or a private client, this program is made for you.

    This program is composed of 8 courses selected to offer a good understanding of the risks associated with cybercrime and how to prevent them, of the technologies underlying cryptocurrencies and Fintech: blockchain, artificial intelligence, Big Data, etc., of the specific challenges related to data privacy and security, and of how people make investment decisions and how this impacts wealth management.

    This program is recognised by SAQ as a measure of recertification for CWMA and provides 5 SAQ credits.
    Click here to know more and start learning.

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